Pattaya's Climate / Weather forcast

Todays weather forcast for Pattaya Beach Thailand is Warm and sunny with a big chance of afternoon showers. The extended five day forcast is predicted to be same same, but different. Basically the climate in Pattaya is tropical, warm all year round. The best weather here is between October through pattaya the beachFebuary, when it is the cool and dry. For people comming from cold places like the US or the UK the temprature here during this period can be really pleasant. Even if you didn't plan to stay all year just a month away from the cold can really shorten your winter.

Season Time Description
Rainy September---October periods of hard rain usually only lasting 30 minutes or so
Dry and cool November--Febuary Lower humidity and tempratures still very warm
Hot March---August Hot and humid



tropical rain in pattaya

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