Some Slang Terms we use
Certain occupations have certain terms and acronyms used in their vocabulary. Doctors, Lawyers, Plumbers all have their own language. Pattaya also has it's own set of terms that people, who have lived in Pattaya a long time use. Some of them make perfect sense some don't. Some of them I know the origin of and some I have no idea. So I will compile this list and add to it as I hear new terms.
Term used Meaning Origin
5555 Ha Ha Ha Ha The Thai number five is pronounced ha
Dak-Ling Monkeys ass sounds like darling
Ban-Ling Monkey house Pattaya Jail
LDOP lame dupe over payer Someone that pays too much for services or goods
Coconut Bar Beach Road People buy their beer from 7-11 then drink it on beach road foot path to avoid beer bar prices.
Cheap Charlie Cheap person  
Kee-Neow Stickey-Shit Means Cheap Charlie, easy to mistake it for Khao-Neow which is Stickey Rice, be careful how you say this or take it. Tempers can escalate fast with this.
Beer Chang Beer Chang My favorite Beer
The Dark Side West of Sukumvit Rd. The side of town that is boring, over priced and slummy, many seasoned expats warn to stay away, 555
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