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If you are a happily married couple Pattaya is still a great place to live. The warm weather all year round the beaches and the multitude of things to do. If you are single then it is even better. Let’s just say you are divorced and looking for a new relationship, well this is the best place to be bar none. 
   Many men and a growing number of women come to Thailand and Pattaya with the intentions of finding that special someone to enter into a relationship with. While I believe relationships are fairly easy to come by in Thailand it can also be said that it can be just as easy for the relationship to come to an unexpected end.
   Bars are probably the first place most of us look, but the chances of a meaningful lasting relationship are reduced. Although I have witnessed countless good relationships that began in a Pattaya bar, there are also many more that end up in tragedy. Common sense can play a big part in finding a successful relationship here in Pattaya or anywhere else for that matter. Relationships are always built on some sort of mutual need. If couple are equal in age and looks then their relationship would be built on that same likeness. When age and looks are unbalanced then something else needs to make up for that imbalance.

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   Most if not all the bar girls of Pattaya are willing to have a relationship with an older or less attractive man if he is willing to provide for her and her family. Usually this means money, it is not uncommon for a western man or lady to give their Thai partner an allowance of some kind. In this type of relationship everyone is getting what they want, simply put youth for money and security. In Pattaya this is a common arrangement as there is an endless supply of poor village girls coming down to Pattaya looking for a better and more secure lifestyle.

The number one rule for being in a relationship in Thailand is do not give out more money or heart than you can comfortably afford to lose, there are no safety nets.

   Pattaya is well known for providing fantasies, and many westerners fall hook line and sinker for these fantasies. There are some Thai bar girls in waiting for a naive western man that can’t tell real from fantasy simply because he hasn't  had much experience being in Thailand. Some Thai bar girls bide their time waiting for that guy that just might buy them that house in the village and fill their bank account. Meanwhile to some of these unsuspecting guys that have spent most of their life savings with nothing to fall back on become devastated. I personally have many firsthand accounts of this kind of story and there are certainly thousands more out there. I don’t want to paint all Thai people with the same brush. I personally know many wonderful Thai people but there is always a few in every crowd that give everyone else a bad name. If you are new to Thailand all I can say is be careful of your heart and money. Try to live in Thailand for a year or two before getting into any kind of serious relationship. Learn from fellow expat experiences and try to have an open mind. After my living in Thailand for over a decade I can honestly say that I too am subject to falling for the I love you stories. I think the age old saying can apply, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is too good to be true.


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