August 26, 2013 ; Soi Batman

The Batman Disco on Soi Batman in Pattaya Beach, Thailand. This was one of the hottest discos in Pattaya in the late 90s but it was only open for less than a year. It seems the owner financed the business with bad money and ended up in a Thai prison. Now the building has been abandon for more than ten years. This building dominates the neighborhood as it is huge and stands what looks like six stories tall. When I went inside to get some photographs it made my hair stand on end. If I believed in ghost I would swear this place was haunted.
Batman Disco in Pattaya Beach Thailand

Inside it is very eerie almost ghostly. I was only inside long enough to get a few shots

Inside the Batman Disco in Pattaya beach Thailand
Coconut trees line along Beach Road in Pattaya Beach.
palm trees sunset on beach road in Pattaya Beach Thailand
Along the beach front road in Ban Seray, Thailand. The sunsets are stunning at times I have seen this same sailing vessel in about three other locations as well.
Boat in the sunset in ban seray, Thailand
Royal Cliff Condo Building, one of the choices locations in Pattaya Beach. This is a group of four buildings that sit out on a peninsula and has stunning views of the ocean and nearby islands such as Koh Larn
Royal Cliff Condos in Pattaya Beach Thailand
Soi dogs growling and snapping at each other for position of dominance. Usually nothing ever becomes of this and one or the other will stand down and walk or run away. Judging from the female dogs lack of expression this must be a regular occurrence.
Soi Dog of the Day pattaya Retired
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