May 10, 2013 ::: A motor bike ride looking for photo op's around Pattaya Beach

Lately the skies have been very clear around Pattaya Beach which makes shooting photographs much easier. The far buildings was shot from six KM from where I was standing.

pattaya city vista view
beautiful view of Naklua from Pattaya Beach Thailand

pattaya fly over pass near Bali Hai Pier

food cart in Wat Chai in Pattaya Beach


bar b que at Wat Chai Market Pattaya Beach Thailand


After a day of taking pictures it is time for a beer at the Starlight Bar up on Soi Khao Noi . Beer Chang is my favorite. Putting ice in my beer helps keep it cold, besides Beer Chang is pretty strong and the ice helps dilute it.

beer time at Starlight Bar on Soi Khao Noi Pattaya Beach Thailand
The Pattaya Retired Soi Dog of the Day
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