2012-12-25 Christmas day 80 degrees F
A short trip to Baan Seray south of Pattaya only about 15 minutes by motor bike.

I went down to Baan Seray and shot some photos of the Thai fishing boats along the pier. I discovered Baan Seray back about seven years ago, back then there wasn't very many people that went down there. Now days Baan Seray has become very popular with forigners and Thai people alike. It is a completly different atmosphere than the strip of sand in Pattaya. When you arrive you get a small table, some of that plastic matting that the Thai people like to sit on, and big lean back type plastic chairs to sit on. I hate those sling type chairs they have in Pattaya, they are uncomfortable, and the older I get the harder they are to get out of. A day with lunch and drinks for four persons will probably run you about a thousand Bahts, the chairs and matting are free.

The pier I shot these photos at is only a fifteen minute walk from where I usally stay on the beach. I like to walk down there for a little exercise. There is no restriction for walking out on the pier, but you are responsible for watching your own ass.

Thailand fishing boats in Bann Seray
Thai Fishing Boat in Baan Seray
Often times these Cambodian fishermen live on the boats.
Landury hanging from a Thailand Fishing Boat
Bow of a Thailand Fishing in Baan Seray on a beautiful day
The beach in Baan Seray is a great place to have lunch, the specialty here is sea food
The Beach at Baan Seray Thailand

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