Soi Khao Noi sunset riding my motorbike down the hill
Riding my motorbike down Soi Khao Noi, I caught this sunset
soi khao noi and khao talo in pattaya beach
Broom salesman in Pattaya beach dark side
A man selling brooms from a three wheel bicycle, these are everywhere

Video of my ride to the bar



This is my ride to the Star Light beer bar, where I go about three times a week. The ride is short but there are many sights, sounds and smells along the way.

Gas for sale on soi khao noi
Gasoline for sale from wiskey bottles. Thirty Baht per bottle when price goes up a little they adjust the amount you get.
Lady using mobil phone while riding a motorbkie down Soi Khao Noi
A street a friend of mine lives on
the dark side pattaya
This is off the main road behind a market on Soi Khao Noi
A Thai family going to the market on their three wheel motorbike
Buckle up for safety, probably not the safest mode of travel, but it does the job...
Construction workers going home after a long day.
Kids riding motorbikes around on the streets is common. The oldest one here is about ten.
If you have a motorbike and a family, no problem, attach a sidecar, put a couch in it and your riding around in first class comfort.
Street vendor selling fried chicken. He cooks it right there on his cart he is pushing.
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