Most of the photos here are taken in the mountians above Chang Mai.


During the burning season the smoke can make views like this. Pretty in a way but a little hard on the lungs


We visited a hill tribe village and they had this bungalow for rent for six dollars (B200) a night. Needless to say we didn't stay


This looks like the perfect place to work.

Great view me thinks
Up here you can take your pictures in the Oppium Poppys for 25 cents (B10)
Yep that is exactally what it looks like. This hilltribe village is located very near the golden triangle.

This is what I call some serious bamboo.


Traditional Thai dancing at the wat Doi Suthep. It is customary to leave a tip if taking pictures.


Stairway up to the Doi Suthep Wat. Many Wats are located up on top of mountians. Good exercise for sure.

Condos or apartments along the river front in Chang Mai

I could see staying here for a while. These homes or apartments sit along the river front

A really nice house along the river in Chang Mai.

River tours run all day.


Water feature for the Queen of Thailand.

Loadem up!

Some of the products they produce at the Umbrella factory. These large fans are hand painted.

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