Nightlife Pattaya Beach, Thailand

There is certainly no shortage of night life in Pattaya. Fact is Pattaya is best known for its night life. When the sun goes down and the beaches shut down that is when this town really comes alive, let the night life begin. Walking Street is the most notable night life spot with an almost anything goes carnival like atmosphere. All along this street there is a mix of restaurants, go-go bars, bars, vendors selling everything under the sun, and thousands of people taking in all the sights and sounds. I like the many open air bars that line the street where I can sit with friends and watch the people go by while we discuss the many ways we can save the world. Prices of everything in and around walking street are somewhat more than other places in Pattaya but very much worth it for the experience.

Anywhere you go in in this little town at night you will find little bars that are full of people socializing. Most of these little bars are what many people call open air. The fronts of these establishments have no front door they are just open with no walls. I prefer this open air atmosphere to the closed in dimly lit dungeons I find back home. Because these bars are open air there is also no air conditioning cost and this saving is passed on to the guests in the way of lower food and drink prices. I personally don't like closed in air conditioned places and I certainly don't like paying more for my food and drink. For me a typical night having beer with some of my friends at one of my chosen spots cost about four dollars. Four dollars covers three large icy cold "Beer Changs" that take me two to three hours to consume. After three of these "beer Changs" I sometimes need a taxi home, the cost here is only three dollars at most.


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