Introduction to Living in Pattaya Beach, Thailand

           Retiring in Pattaya Beach Thailand I think is one of the best places in the world to retire. Just a few reasons to retire in Pattaya would include the warm climate, low cost of living and lots of things to keep you busy. For me a typical night having a few beers with some friends generally sets me back four or five dollars (B120) while this is on the cheap it suits me, I have a great time. We are talking two quart sized large beers here, and that’s plenty for me. An average sit down dinner for two with drinks might cost ten to seventeen dollars (B320-500). If you like you can spend much more for dinner but the point is you are getting much more for your money no matter where you choose to dine.

      People of Thailand generally seem to me more warm, friendly and happy, which I feel is the main attraction . The Thai way of life takes some getting used to, culture in Thailand is without question a world apart from the western way of life. Thailand is definitely not for everyone, most people either love it or hate it. Even after ten years every day for me, is still an adventure.  I still can’t decide if I hate it or love it. When I am living in the USA I am simply bored, anything you do just about always involves getting into your car. Here in Pattaya I can walk down to the corner for lunch or a beer and watch the world go by. There is so much activity all around I don’t ever get bored.pattaya hot are balloon

    Transportation is readily available everywhere, you can choose to drive yourself or opt out to use the many types of public transportation for mere pocket change. For local commutes baht buses and motorcycle taxi are just a few steps away where ever you may be in Pattaya. Long distance trips on the big busses are convenient, comfortable, and very affordable.

    Medical and dental is top notch, very affordable and convenient. I had my teeth cleaned and polished for a mere twenty dollars (B600) and if my teeth had not been so bad it would have cost much less. I have had other procedures that if performed in my country would have put me in the poor house. If you lack insurance back home and need medical care the cost savings would most likley pay for the trip over many times over.

    Housing is cheap, for example a two bedroom house cost as little as three hundred dollars (B9,000). I live in a nice studio apartment that has a wonderful view of a mountain. It has everything I need like aircon and hot water all for 130 dollars (B4,000)  a month. On top of that my water and electricity run about 30 dollars (B700) a month. My internet is included along with my apartment rental.

My Beer Chang     While most things cost less here that is not true for everything. Electronics, and cars will generally cost twenty percent more, and so will some other things. Generally if I was to estimate all in all cost of living here is sixty percent of what it cost to live in the US or UK. To sum it up as costs of everyday needs in America and other western country's continue to rise it becomes even more attractive to make the journey to South East Asia.


Pattaya sun set

Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya Beach, Thailand
My photo of the day
Para sailing in Jomtien Beach Thailand
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