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Internet has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last five or so years here in Thailand. About eight years ago dial-up was about the best there was to be had. Today I see promised speeds of 15 or even 30Mbps which I think some people get and then others don't. Some people are lucky to even get dial-up speeds or worse from some of these services. Streaming video has become a reality here with a good solid 2Mbps you can stream most content. I really like watching reruns of Gilligans Island while I am here in Thailand.

Signing up for internet service can be an experience in itself. If you are here on a short term visa like 30 days you will probably need a Thai friend or your landlord to get you set up with service. If you have a more permanent visa then signing up probably won't be a problem. Below I will include some of the more popular ISP's and from my research will rate them in the table below.

If you don't have to have internet in your home then you could use any of the thousands of internet shops in Pattaya. Most of the internet shops will allow you to use your own laptop if you wish. Away from the tourist areas cost for one hour is only 20 to 30 Baht per hour. Many of the bars around town also feature free WIFI for their patrons.

Most popular ISP's in Thailand
ADSL and Cable
3bb Broadband Good value sometimes blazingly fast sometimes slow. In some areas of town it is fast as hell and others are slow. Customer service is pretty good. Ask neighbors how their service performs.
3BB WIFI No contract needed 99Baht +vat a month unlimited. Not the fastest but fast enough for youtube and such. I do believe torrents are blocked on this system. Look on your WIFI connections if you see "@ 3BB_dtac_wifi" with a good signal then you can get internet for 99Baht a month. No paperwork or contracts. Check here for more info http://wifi.3bbwifi.com/packages_en many ways to sign up even right from your mobile phone.


Triple T or TT and T I think on par with the many other ISPs I have never heard anything bad about them but personally I have no experience with them..
Cat Telecom Public Company Ltd Most reliable, if you have to depend on a solid connection this is the one to get. No hype with excessive speed advertisements, just rock solid connections with no BS. You will pay more but again very dependable. Their website is mostly in Thai and hard to navigate.
True Internet Pretty good service with reasonable speeds, like most ISPs here In Thailand it can be good and it can get bad. It however never gets too slow and rarely goes down, good value for the service you get. you can also get many other services with True such as CATV and mobile phone service. Currently they are advertising 15Mbps for 599 plus vat. I am currently a true subscriber and have seen speeds up to 25Mbps but most of the time it is down around 10 to 15 Mbps which for my purposes is perfect.
Banglamung CATV internet A local cable based internet service provider. I had this at one time and their customer service was great. Speeds were good and uptime was also acceptable.
Buddy B Broadband  
Jasmine Internet Co  
Ksc Commercial Internet Co. Ltd  
Loxley Information Company Ltd.  
TOT Sometimes your only choice, maybe they have improved. They left me without service for 3 months. I had to call everyday and everyday they would pull a no show. I have some reports they are OK luck I guess has alot to do with it. I also have TOT internet as a free WIFI in my building but still pay extra to another ISP, as the TOT service sometimes goes down for weeks at a time and is much slower.
Hutch GPRS not rated yet
DTAC Pretty good speed for over the air internet
AIS         Rates here Good value, I use the 3G 99Baht service for when I am not at home.

Cost will vary depending on speed and quality of the service. Most of the ISP's offer premium packages which during peak usage times may give you closer to their promised speed. During peak usage times an 8meg non premium service may be slower than say the 2meg premium service. I have also heard the opposite where one person has the cheapest package and it is faster than someone that pays much more, so I hate to say that luck has allot to do with it.

Service providers don't have access to all areas. You should live within 2 to 3 Km of a telephone switch for a good connection. If there is no telephone or cable service then you can still opt for satellite internet service but it does cost more.

To establish an account the following documents will probably be needed:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid visa
  • A copy of work permit (if applicable) or Certificate of Residence issued by Thai Immigration or Letter of residence from the person's embassy certified and translated into Thai.
  • Or you could have your landlord put in their name, or a Thai friend could set it up on your behalf

Computers cost about the same here as they do in California (after tax) so if your coming here for just a holiday bring a computer with you. Don't expect to get a big discount on computers here to bring back home. If you intend to stay long term here then by all means buy it here. I always say buy it where you use it. There are many computer shops here in Pattaya, most notably Tucom on South Pattaya Road being the largest. Tucom is run like a department store with many independent vendors providing services. Not all of these vendors are the same, but for the most part I have had pretty good luck buying from them. At Tucom you can mix and match components or opt to buy a ready made system.

Another option is Wantana Computers on Central Pattaya Road across from Food Land. They are geared more for business needs than Tucom, but are all to happy to serve the home user as well. I believe there prices to be slightly more than the vendors at Tucom but their reputation is top shelf. If I were a dummy with computers I would personally choose Wantana.

If you have comments or questions please feel free and ask me here. If you would like to contribute please let me know.   Koh Larn A great day out for little money
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