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People come to Thailand from all over the world to have medical procedures done that they could not otherwise afford back home. For us that are retired and living here affordable health care is just one reason for living here. My first medical experence here was when I had a fall and hurt my sholder. I went to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, I was admitted, x-rayed, and saw the doctor, all in under thirty minutes, and this was all non emergengy. Another plesant suprise was the bill that only came out to sixty dollars including medications. Since then prices have gone up a little but still well below what you would pay in the west. So if you don't want to pay sixty thousand dollars to have that old gall bladder removed then Thailand is a good choice.

Many people come to Thailand to have cosmetic surgery done at one fourth the cost of back home. In fact the money they save will more than pay for all of their vacation expenses with money left over. Another good thing is while you are recovering you don't have to go through all those questions from your friends. So you say you need your eyelids done, maybe you need a vacation, and maybe you want to recover away from home, then come on over.

Bangkok Pattaya Hospital World class health care, excellent staff, modern facility and state of the art equipment.
Pattaya Memorial Hospital In the heart of Pattaya. excellent health care.
Pattaya International Hospital Hospital in a garden setting, again excellent care, centrally located
Banglamung Hospital No web site. Good health care for very little money Ph. 038-428-135
Bumrungrad International Hospital World class hospital in Bangkok
A new information web site has arrived and it should be of interest to every male expat living in Thailand


Did you know that 90% of all men will experience some kind of urinary or prostate problem by the time they reach the age of 70 years. Now considering that there are believed to be some 25,000 or so Expats living in Thailand and the vast majority of those are already over the age of 50 years, then this web site should be of particular interest to them.


ThaiProstate.com which is a voluntary non profit web site has been set up by Kevin Mack who lives in Chiangmai northern Thailand. Kevin was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January 2011 as a result of a routine medical checkup. In being faced with such a traumatic surprise Kevin found it quite difficult to collect information relating to prostate disease in Thailand such as, options on where to get treatment, what the type of treatment options that were available, treatment costs and most of all connect with other expats who have gone through similar life changes experiences. There were of course plenty of commercial web sites offering medical services and medical tourism but that was not what Kevin was looking for. At ThaiProstate.com you will find all sorts of unbiased information about those things in the department that men don’t normally like to talk about i.e. Urinary and Prostate problems, you will be able to find what does what and why, and when it doesn’t work properly, what the problem could be and what you should do about it.

ThaiProstate.com is full of information on how to get help and where. The web site was only started last month and will continue to build with more and more information from users around Thailand as they become involved through the web site forum. Kevin is dedicated to make this work and needs to spread the word to all expats in all provinces of Thailand. So any organisation or media centre out there that can help promote this worthy cause or to anyone who can offer vital information or web content through their knowledge and experience is welcome to become involved.

You can contact Kevin at help@ThaiProstate.com

If you have comments or questions please feel free and ask me here. If you would like to contribute please let me know.
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