My living on 500 dollar a month challenge
Can I live in Pattaya with only 500 a month

A big question that is asked all the time is could I live comfortably in Thailand with only 500 dollars a month. My answer to that is a big yes. First thing we should do is get the, must have expenses out of the way and those are food, shelter, and clothes. Let us start with food, if you shop for yourself and avoid canned and frozen imported foods you could get by easily spending five dollars (B150) per day or 150 dollars (B4,500) a month. A decent small one room condo with water and power of 300 sq ft (30M) can easily be had for 165 dollars (B5000). Clothes I would figure in 30 dollars (B900) for washing and replacement of worn out clothes. These are all your basic needs and added up it all comes to 345 dollars a month. If we started with 500 dollars (B15000) we still have 155 dollars (B4650) as you can see we are well within the 500 dollar challenge. What we have is a baseline of what you must have every day to live here in the land of smiles. These numbers are only meant as a guide for those wanting to make the move to SE Asia and want to know the bare minimum it will cost. Almost daily there are going to be those extra expenses pop up and you really need to allow for these. Some extra costs I can think of offhand are visa cost, transportation cost, internet and most importantly entertainment. I like to have a few beers in the evening with friends and cheap charley beer places can even set you back 150 dollars a month, so that by itself blew what was left of my 500 dollars.


One of the biggest things we of retirement age should be concerned with is health care. We never know when something is going to fail and we need medical care.


Thailand passes the 500 dollar a month challenge with room to spare. For me living within the above stated budget would be a very boring existence. Whatever money you can add to this baseline makes for a more fulfilling retirement. No one wants to stay in their room all the time, especially in Pattaya.


In this blue building the rooms go for about B4,000 this is located near the IT center and the Soi Buakow market. You can walk everywhere from here.

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